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Cards..Cards.. - Please Help A Poor College Student And Buy From Her

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September 7th, 2004

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04:22 pm - Cards..Cards..
Heres all the cards I am selling, all have been kept safe and in near mint condition. I am selling them seperately, but not the little mermai cards and beauty and the beast. I do have tons of extras so if you are looking for a certain card, just tell me. Offer me a price on what you are willing to pay. I am only taking Money Orders and Cash, I will maybe consider Paypal if you talk to me about it.

~*33 Lion King Cards, all come in the Card Sheets.
Pictures: 1

~* 75 Beauty and the Beast cards, whole collection, plus with extras that comes with them. Comes in the Card Sheets as well.
Picutres: 1

~*90 Little Mermai Cards, whole collection plus with extras that comes in cards. Comes in card sheets as well.
Pictures: 1

~*Star Trek: The Next Generation Cards, 80 cards in all. Comes in Card sheets as well.
Pictures: 1

~*90210 Cards, 6 in all, comes in card sheet.
Pictures: 1

~*Garbage Pail Kids 5th series, 10 in all, comes in card sheets.
Pictures: 1

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