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Please Help A Poor College Student And Buy From Her

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September 7th, 2004

04:22 pm - Cards..Cards..
Heres all the cards I am selling, all have been kept safe and in near mint condition. I am selling them seperately, but not the little mermai cards and beauty and the beast. I do have tons of extras so if you are looking for a certain card, just tell me. Offer me a price on what you are willing to pay. I am only taking Money Orders and Cash, I will maybe consider Paypal if you talk to me about it.

~*33 Lion King Cards, all come in the Card Sheets.
Pictures: 1

~* 75 Beauty and the Beast cards, whole collection, plus with extras that comes with them. Comes in the Card Sheets as well.
Picutres: 1

~*90 Little Mermai Cards, whole collection plus with extras that comes in cards. Comes in card sheets as well.
Pictures: 1

~*Star Trek: The Next Generation Cards, 80 cards in all. Comes in Card sheets as well.
Pictures: 1

~*90210 Cards, 6 in all, comes in card sheet.
Pictures: 1

~*Garbage Pail Kids 5th series, 10 in all, comes in card sheets.
Pictures: 1

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03:30 pm - Beanie Babies
Here they are!! I'm trying to get rid of them so offer me a price. I don't mind selling more then one to you at all. I am only taking Money Orders and Cash right now, I will consider Paypal maybe if we talked.

1.) Princess/Beanie Baby (Princess Diana)-Comes with plastic tag and plastic case.
2.) Princess/Beanie Buddy (Princess Diana)-Comes with plastic tag.
3.) Millennium/Beanie Buddy (Bear)-Comes with plastic tag.
4.) Erin/Beanie Buddy (Bear)-Comes with plastic tag.
5.) Humphrey/Beanie Buddy (Camel)-Comes with plastic tag.
6.) Spike/Beanie Baby (Rhino)
7.) Valentian/Beanie Baby (Bear)
8.) Fetch/Beanie Baby (Dog)
9.) Hope/Beanie Baby (Bear) -Comes with plastic tag.
10.) Flitter/Beanie Baby (Butterfly)-Comes with plastic tag.
11.) Halo/Beanie Baby (Bear)-Comes with plastic tag.
12.) B. B. Bear/Beanie Baby (Bear)-Comes with plastic tag.
13.) Sammy/Beanie Baby (Bear)-Comes with plastic tag.
14.) Lips/Beanie Baby (Fish)-Comes with plastic tag.
15.) Neon/Beanie Baby (Sea Horse)-Comes with plastic tag.
16.) Erin/Beanie Baby (Bear)
17.) Pouch/Beanie Baby (Kangaroo)
18.) Pouch/Beanie Baby (Kangaroo)
19.) Pecan/Beanie Baby (Bear)-Comes with plastic tag.
20.) Snort/Beanie Baby (Bull)
21.) Mel/Beanie Baby (Koala)
22.) Congo/Beanie Baby (Ape)
23.) Sly/Beanie Baby (Fox)
24.) Bongo/Beanie Baby (Monkey)-Comes with plastic tag.
25.) Mac/Beanie Baby (Cardnel)
26.) Hissy/Beanie Baby (Snake)
27.) Crunch/Beanie Baby (Shark)
28.) Inch/Beanie Baby (Worm)-Comes with plastic tag.
29.) Dotty/Teenie Beanie (dog)-Comes in orginal plastic bag, never opened.
30.) Flitter/Teenie Beanie (Butterfly)-Comes in orginal plastic bag, never opened.
31.) Pinchers/Teenie Beanie (Lobster)-No plastic bag
31.) Happy/Teenie Beanie (Hippo)-No plastic bag.
32.) Peanut/Teenie Beanie (Elephant)-No plastic bag.
33.) Doby/Teenie Beanie (Dog)-No plastic bag.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7
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03:36 am - Anime/Furkou
Heres all the anime/manga stuff I am selling as well. Again offer me a price and remember make sure I profit from it just like you want a good deal. I am only taking Money orders and Cash right now. I will consider Paypal as a maybe after we talk.

~*All tapes are playable and in good condition as you can see. They have been viewed once or twice but that is it. There is no set price as well so offer me what you will pay for it.
Pictures: 1

"Bradock, the father of Goku"
"The History Of Trunks"
-Both are Dubbed

Sailor Moon:
Sailor Moon S, the episodes include:
-The Bond of Destiny! The Distant Days of Uranus
-Art is an Explosion of love! Chibiusa's First Love
-Usagi's Dance, In Time to a Waltz
Note: This tape is Uncut but it is dubbed.

Sailor Moon S, episodes:
-Protect the Pure Heart! A Three-Way Battle
-Leave it to the Moon for Love Aid
-cold-Hearted Uranus? Makoto in Trouble
Note:This tape is Uncut and Subbed

Ghost in the shell
Samurai X movie
-Both Are Dubbed

On HOLD~*These are sailor moon playing cards for the card game.
Pictures: 1 2

~*DBZ sticker book, it has huge stickers of Goku, Frieza, Trunks, Krillin, Piccolo, and super saiyan Goku. Also 2 sets of DBZ stickers, 2 sheets of stickers in each set. A tin can thing..dunno what it really is but it has Goku on it. Also 3 little Dragon Balls.
Pictures: 1


This is a Asuka Book Cover for Neon Genesis Evangelion
Pictures: 1

Get Love! Sticker book and Princess Notebook Contains stickers as well as little stickers to dress up the boy and girl doll in the book. Contains notebook paper and that sticker book material to collect stickers.
Pictures: 1 2 3 4

Fortune Book
Pictures: 1 2 3

Haibane Fan
Pictures: 1

Paromedia Book, has verious manga characters in there as I saw. I could only make out one and that was DI GI Charat.
Pictures: 1 2 3

~*Chobits Graphic Novel 8. Yes its in mint condition and I know I didn't even read from it. lol
Pictures: 1

~*Ayashi No Ceres 1st DVD. Its not a bootleg or anything! I got it from the store in the mall. XD Its been opened and i've watched it once.
Pictures: 1

~*Gundam Wing playing cards..in both boxes you get a deck of cards..which I opened curious to see what cards I got. v.v; Both come with a fold out playing field, a rules/start guide, and some type of coins. This is all for the gundam wing game, both boxes are starter sets.
Pictures: 1 2
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03:28 am - Jewelry Sale
Ok! Heres the Jewelry that I found and willing to sell. Just click on the link and crap. Tell me if your interested..offer me a price. XD I am only taking Cash and Money Order right now...I will consider taking paypal if you live in another country but thats after we talk. Comment and tell me if your interested.

1.) Earrings ON HOLD 1 2 3
2.) Necklaces 1
3.) More Necklaces 1
4.) Even More Necklaces 1 2
5.) Bracelets 1
6.) Pendants 1
7.) Hair Stuff (No i've never worn them) 1 2

The hemp thing in the pendant picture is like a key chain or something...I made it. o.o;

Theres 3 pics of the same earrings because I couldn't get the shot to look right...Also alot of them have like 2 pics and such..because I was trying to get it to focus and such with the cam.
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