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Please Help A Poor College Student And Buy From Her

Buy Buy Buy!!

Money Please
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Hey!!! So why is this here?? Because I need MONEY! I'm a poor college student and a pack rat. So I went through alot of my stuff, and now trying to sell it.


1. Please ONLY comment if you are serious about buying the item.

2. Prices are very negotiable. So if you want something and it's a little pricey.. just ask. But please, I am out to make some money just as you are out to be saved. Don't get bitchy if I do not agree with the price you offer.

3. Everything here is non-refundable and thats it. You buy it, and it's yours for good. So ask enough questions, to make sure it's perfect for you.

4.) Do not ask for the item if you do not have the money soon enough afterwards. I am not going to wait for a month for you to get your act together.

5.) I will add the shipping in after you tell me where you live.

Email: Sexygoddessjessica@hotmail.com