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Beanie Babies - Please Help A Poor College Student And Buy From Her

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September 7th, 2004

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03:30 pm - Beanie Babies
Here they are!! I'm trying to get rid of them so offer me a price. I don't mind selling more then one to you at all. I am only taking Money Orders and Cash right now, I will consider Paypal maybe if we talked.

1.) Princess/Beanie Baby (Princess Diana)-Comes with plastic tag and plastic case.
2.) Princess/Beanie Buddy (Princess Diana)-Comes with plastic tag.
3.) Millennium/Beanie Buddy (Bear)-Comes with plastic tag.
4.) Erin/Beanie Buddy (Bear)-Comes with plastic tag.
5.) Humphrey/Beanie Buddy (Camel)-Comes with plastic tag.
6.) Spike/Beanie Baby (Rhino)
7.) Valentian/Beanie Baby (Bear)
8.) Fetch/Beanie Baby (Dog)
9.) Hope/Beanie Baby (Bear) -Comes with plastic tag.
10.) Flitter/Beanie Baby (Butterfly)-Comes with plastic tag.
11.) Halo/Beanie Baby (Bear)-Comes with plastic tag.
12.) B. B. Bear/Beanie Baby (Bear)-Comes with plastic tag.
13.) Sammy/Beanie Baby (Bear)-Comes with plastic tag.
14.) Lips/Beanie Baby (Fish)-Comes with plastic tag.
15.) Neon/Beanie Baby (Sea Horse)-Comes with plastic tag.
16.) Erin/Beanie Baby (Bear)
17.) Pouch/Beanie Baby (Kangaroo)
18.) Pouch/Beanie Baby (Kangaroo)
19.) Pecan/Beanie Baby (Bear)-Comes with plastic tag.
20.) Snort/Beanie Baby (Bull)
21.) Mel/Beanie Baby (Koala)
22.) Congo/Beanie Baby (Ape)
23.) Sly/Beanie Baby (Fox)
24.) Bongo/Beanie Baby (Monkey)-Comes with plastic tag.
25.) Mac/Beanie Baby (Cardnel)
26.) Hissy/Beanie Baby (Snake)
27.) Crunch/Beanie Baby (Shark)
28.) Inch/Beanie Baby (Worm)-Comes with plastic tag.
29.) Dotty/Teenie Beanie (dog)-Comes in orginal plastic bag, never opened.
30.) Flitter/Teenie Beanie (Butterfly)-Comes in orginal plastic bag, never opened.
31.) Pinchers/Teenie Beanie (Lobster)-No plastic bag
31.) Happy/Teenie Beanie (Hippo)-No plastic bag.
32.) Peanut/Teenie Beanie (Elephant)-No plastic bag.
33.) Doby/Teenie Beanie (Dog)-No plastic bag.

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Date:November 22nd, 2007 12:37 am (UTC)

My K Class needs Bongo, Lips, and Pouch

How much do you want for the 3 of them + shipping? (If they are still available)

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